who we are 

We are a boutique advisory firm specialized in humanizing brand strategy solutions in the areas of marketing, communications, customer experience, employee engagement, employer branding, and diversity & inclusion engagement. 

We see ourselves as the fresh set of eyes that will analyze your needs, explore the needs of your audiences and deliver simple and sensible solutions that will give you measurable results and clear outcomes. 

what we do


Brands are living, breathing organisms that live within online and offline communities and reflect the values, hopes, and aspirations of the audiences that adopt them. However, with every piece of business and technology disruption in today’s opinionated world, all seven billion of us become actual branding experts. 

EvolveX is your branding, digitization, and social media advisory firm, committed to helping your organization evolve and grow with disruption.

We help you build a community-centric approach to define “who” your brand is and what it stands for, by humanizing your presence and injecting depth into your audience engagement.

We optimize your brand experience by building your digital strategy and enhancing your social engagement.

Founder & CEO

In a world heavily influenced by diversity, driven by social media, and dependent on customer reviews; disruption has become the norm. It's no longer an occasional occurrence, it is simply a way of life. 


Grace is a strategist who believes in humanizing this process through the vehicles of marketing, communications, and authentic engagement to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience.  


Through her work, Grace injects elements of creativity, innovation, flexibility, and compassionate engagement to ensure that companies stay resilient and relevant on their path to growth. 

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